Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice.
— Peter Drucker


Denise is passionate about helping small business owners and freelancers market their products and services in an efficient and cost-effective manner. As a small business owner herself, Denise recognizes the financial and time constraints new business owners and freelancers face. Her desire to offer and coach this niche market stems from years of witnessing clients pay for marketing related-services that were either never delivered, or tendered in a substandard manner. There are effective tools and methodologies widely available that enable entrepreneurs to build their personal and professional brands on a shoestring budget, and many of these resources operate at a zero-cost level, Denise is committed to working with each client's individual needs to help them define and best reach their target audience.


As a result of establishing clients across the U.S. and after years of surveying their business needs, Denise opted to simplify the process for current and prospective clients by offering a 60 minute phone or Skype chat that consists of the following:

  • outlining and defining client goals
  • evaluating client marketing and existing SMM strategies (if any)
  • providing recommendations for improvement or startup of a comprehensive social marketing strategy
  • engaging in a simultaneous walk-through of specific tools that will help the client meet his or her business goals

Prior to the client interaction session, Denise will gather any necessary information (i.e. website URL, social media handles) that will form the basis for the scheduled phone/Skype consultation.


Should you have a unique opportunity that doesn't quite fit within the scope of services offered, but if you think it might be a good fit regardless, Denise looks forward to hearing from you! In addition to offering the above outlined services, Denise provides creative consultation on a case-by-case basis for freelancers and independent creatives who are working to flesh out development and promotion strategies for their projects. Please provide specific project details with your contact submission, and Denise will be in touch to schedule a discussion for potential collaboration.


Every consultation is flat-fee priced and includes a follow-up report that summarizes client goals, provides a list of resources, and outlines concrete marketing goals for implementation. Please note this fee is non-negotiable. Denise does, however, offer a 10% discount for senior citizens age 60+ and retired & active military upon proof of government-issued ID.

Every client will be required to review and sign a standard contract that shall be returned prior to the scheduled consultation. This agreement is approved by the Freelancers Union and outlines services and payment terms in a streamlined manner. Denise utilizes FreshBooks Cloud Invoicing, which simplifies the payment process. via email. FreshBooks accepts all major credit cards and has served more than 10 million small business owners since its founding in 2003. PayPal and personal checks are not accepted. All invoices must be paid in full within 30 days of the completed consultation.

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